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Shack The F**k Up Tote


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Availability: In stock and shipping now.

Our Record Shack tote features a one-of-a-kind screen-printed design and will comfortably hold up to 10 records (depending on weight). The tote is made from 100% cotton with longer handles for better shoulder style. The tote is 42 x 38 cm.

We run the UK’s best record shop built inside a big quirky wooden unit and definitely not a shed (oh, you didn't know?) It's lovingly known by locals as the Record Shack. Shack the F**k Up is the Record Shack byword! It’s worn on our sleeves each and every day; sometimes overtly, other times tucked away. But always there, snarling. But what does it even mean?

Shack the F**k Up means buying records ain't a fad, Jack! It means supporting the most independent of independents. It means two fingers to Amazon. It means spending stupid amounts of money when you could have all of it for £10 a month. It means taking a punt on a new record because that one track you heard on 6 Music sounded decent. It means to hell with display purposes only – throw that shit on the platter already! It means knowing music didn’t die in the ‘90s. It means every day is Record Store Day. It means, “Yes, they do still make vinyl records mate.” It means getting amongst it and discovering the best new music. It means black vinyl is still cool! It means we know you're punk even if your job title says insurance broker. It means our record shop is your record shop.