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Strange Times (2022 Black Edition Reissue)


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The Chameleons (arguably the best band to come out of Manchester) with their critically acclaimed classic third album, Strange Times. Recorded on the legendary Geffen label, it sees the band’s atmospheric post punk anthems with soaring guitars and driving rhythms at their peak, and Mark Burgess’s compelling vocals coming together to form a wall of the most beautiful noise you’ve ever heard. The flawless album boasts some of the most iconic Chameleons tracks, such as Swamp Thing, Tears, Soul in Isolation, Caution, In Answer and Mad Jack. The initial American pressing of the record in 1986 came with a bonus 12" with six additional tracks, which are added to this release.

Released: September 2022
Label: Moochin' About



1. Mad Jack
2. Caution
3. Tears
4. Soul In Isolation
5. Swamp Thing
6. Time/End Of Time
7. Seriocity
8. In Answer
9. Childhood
10. I’ll Remember
11. Tears (Full Arrangement)
12. Ever After
13. Paradiso
14. Inside Out
15. John I’m Only Dancing
16. Tomorrow Never Knows

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