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Cocoa Sugar


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Following a little work on the side with 2017’s T2 Trainspotting soundtrack, the Mercury prize winning trio Young Fathers return to day duties with new full-length Cocoa Sugar released on Ninja Tune.

Like so many releases across 2017/18, Cocoa Sugar has been largely shaped by changes to the world around us. That isn’t to say that Young Fathers dove into a political bandwagon on purpose, but rather the impact on the members themselves had significant connotations for the resulting album. “I lost all faith in music or politics while making this album. Never have I been less confident in my life”, stated member Graham Hastings.

As a result, Hastings says the songs are “less fun in the obvious ways” but that “we needed to change”.

‘Fun’ of course is a strangely relative concept as lead track ‘In My View’ and single ‘Toy’ would threaten even the most hardened non-dancer to shift their feet.

As is standard fare with Young Fathers, Coca Sugar doesn’t fit into any one form of music. Here they’ve stripped out post-production as much as possible to create a harder, colder sound and the results are flawless.

Young Fathers are one of the more abstruse bands out there to make it into popular listening and for that they deserve to be absolutely treasured.

Released: March 2018
Cat: ZEN248X
Label: Ninja Tune



1. See How
2. Fee Fi
3. In My View
4. Turn
5. Lord
6. Tremolo
7. Wow
8. Border Girl
9. Holy Ghost
10. Wire
11. Toy
12. Picking You

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