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American Foursquare

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American Foursquare is a meditation on empathy, on love, and on the meaning of home.

Denison began writing American Foursquare after he and his family relocated from Philadelphia to his hometown of Lancaster in 2014, trading their 800-square-foot row home for a 100-year-old house on the edge of Lancaster City. Denison wrote and recorded the songs as a response to the major life changes of moving and domestication, all the while taking a general hiatus from music to start a carpentry business and spend time with his wife and small children.

Denison named the record after the architectural style of the "new" house. Designed in reaction to the ornament of late-nineteenth century architecture, the foursquare emphasizes simplicity and function, with an open four-by-four room layout and a balanced, boxy shape. It’s one of the most common styles of American architecture.

As Denison wrote and recorded these songs, the simplicity, ubiquity, and plain-spoken utilitarianism of the American Foursquare house became a centering stand-in metaphor for many of the themes on the record: loss, change, settling, transition.

Released: March 2022
Cat: AKR140LPC1
Label: Asthmatic Kitty



1. American Foursquare
2. Catalina Love
3. Confident & Sensitive Child
4. Save Me From Myself
5. River Of Music
6. Birds Of Virginia
7. Simple And True
8. Roseanne
9. Robin
10. San Francisco
11. Birds Of Virginia (Simplified Mix) (Cd Only)
12. Simple And True (Simplified Mix) (Cd Only)
13. River Of Music (Simplified Mix) (Cd Only)
14. Roseanne (Simplified Mix) (Cd Only)
15. Lancaster County (Cd Only)

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