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by QTY

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QTY is the full-length debut album from QTY, released in December 2017 by Dirty Hit. QTY is comprised of New York-based duo Dan Lardner and Alex Niemetz, who grew up five blocks apart on the streets of Manhattan. Bonding over a shared love of ice cream and glam rock, the pair “met on the street…talked about music and laid down the groundwork for what would later become QTY.” Having emerged from the ashes of their earlier (now dissolved) group Grand Rapids, Lardner and Niemetz have developed an exciting, distinctly New York sound as QTY. Produced by Suede’s Bernard Butler, the album offers ten striking indie-rock tracks, all featuring strong guitar solos and distinctive, memorable vocals. The album’s classic yet original sound has drawn comparisons to The Velvet Underground and The Strokes.

Released: December 2017
Cat: DH00249
Label: Dirty Hit



1. Rodeo
2. Dress/Undress
3. Michael
4. Cold Nights
5. Words For This
6. Living Things
7. Notify Me
8. Sad Poetic
9. New Beginnings
10. Salvation